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Blizz Sauna for Autism

BLIZZ Sauna for Autism


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Yes! This Sauna has been specially designed and developed for the children with Autism. Poor detoxification overloads the system leading to further toxicity-toxins causes direct damage and inflammation to the brain, it disturbs the digestion, biochemical pathways, and can influence genetic expressions. IR-SAUNA are one of the quickest ways to bring the body burden of mercury down after stopping exposure. Build-up carefully for the special need. Available in 4’X4’ size or you can opt for a custom size.

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Disclaimer: We take utmost care to ensure consistency in every sauna we manufacture but there can be slight variations in the color, grains, and texture of each wood compared to what is seen on our website.


Autism Sauna Highlights.

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Custom Sauna in india
Custom Sauna inside view.
Sauna box for Autism.

Heavy metal detoxification is a critical aspect, especially for individuals on the autism spectrum, as heavy metals like mercury, lead, copper, and cadmium have been found in their systems. These metals can negatively impact the body’s metabolic detoxification pathways, hindering its ability to eliminate these toxins effectively. Known as “heavy” metals, they tend to accumulate in the body, particularly in adipose tissue or fat cells, making them challenging to eliminate.

The body’s natural detoxification processes, primarily through the liver and kidneys, work to expel toxins at the cellular level. However, heavy metals can disrupt these processes, leading to functional imbalances in day-to-day activities. Dr. Will Cole, a functional medicine physician, emphasizes the benefits of infrared saunas for Autism, detoxification, inflammation reduction, and stress relief to help balance hormones. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating toxins, and infrared saunas play a crucial role in enhancing this process.

Infrared saunas emit far infrared (FIR) energy, characterized by the longest wavelength, reaching deep into the body where toxins tend to be stored. When FIR penetrates deep tissues, it stimulates cells, prompting the release of toxins and facilitating a profound detoxifying sweat. This makes infrared saunas a valuable tool in supporting the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, particularly for individuals dealing with heavy metal burden.

The design of the emitters produces virtually no EMF, making it safe for use. The series also comes with a range of features such as a music system with FM radio/USB port, reading light, magazine folder, color light, and more. With strong quality control and research, it is probably the only “Made in India” FAR infrared sauna available.

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Happy Clients Share Their Success Stories

Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva , Delhi
Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva , DelhiLife Style Coach & Alternative Medicine
Read More
Imagine a device capable of taking care of overall health of your entire family, Detox Care has filed a vital gap which we were missing from many years in Indian market.
Dr Mili Shah , Mumbai
Dr Mili Shah , MumbaiPresident Of Ozone Forum Of India
Read More
Mental health is being neglected and taken for granted always, Detox Care sauna not only supports your physical wellbeing but also reduces your stress and gives you a happy and energize
Palak Notes, Jalandhar
Palak Notes, JalandharLeading Nutraceuticals co. of India
Read More
This is by fat the best people to deal with in India. I wish more people could benefit from this technology in India. This is one time investment but definitely worth it.
Dr Lenny Da Costa, Goa
Dr Lenny Da Costa, GoaPreventive Cardiologist & Metal Toxicology
Read More
It is a wonderful system to provide support to patients who are suffering from heavy metals and gives them a much needed hope.
Megha Gupta, Actor, Goa
Megha Gupta, Actor, GoaBio-Hacker & Influencer
Read More
Blizz Infrared Sauna has helped me in managing my glucose level now it is part of my daily routine, it has almost become a “Health ritual”, It keeps me energize and lively all day long… everyone should have it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared waves, or infrared light, are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. People encounter Infrared waves every day; the human eye cannot see it, but humans can detect it as heat. For more details pls refer to > “Why Infrared” page.

“Regular” saunas get super-hot, so it’s hard to breathe. Blizz Infrared Sauna Infrared saunas use ceramic heated elements to gently warm your skin to encourage sweat in a warm environment where it’s easy to breathe normally.

Infrared saunas are a revolution in sauna therapy and comes in a “Pre-constructed” and ready to assemble form in a careful packed box.
1. Pre-built and ready to assemble in one hour – in any room of your home.
2. Ready to plug into any existing outlet in your house.
3. Able to sit on any floor surface, even carpet.
4. Easily installed in your bathroom or bedroom without calling an electrician, a plumber, or a carpenter.

Blizz Infrared Sauna has been 100% designed and manufactured in India in our own manufacturing unit. Blizz Infrared Saunas have been developed after deep research and keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the end user. What makes this sauna unique are the various technological innovative elements which has been put together in such a way that they together create a synergy, safety, healthy, more benefits, no maintenance and years of happiness.

We are using concave ceramic emitters. It is the most reliable emitter for far infrared. The only type of emitter which emits 96% of its energy in radiant form. Emitters are placed in such a way that they give maximum benefits and with high comfort level. When you’re sitting inside an infrared sauna, breathing is comfortable.

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