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Dr Lenny Da Costa, Goa

Preventive Cardiologist & Metal Toxicology, Leader of Functional Medicine

It is a wonderful system to provide support to patients who are suffering from heavy metals and gives them a much needed hope.

Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, Gurgoan

Master of Functional Medicine

Blizz Infrared Sauna is a miracle in itself and that too 100% made in India, a device which supports your healthy living without any side effects...

Megha Gupta, Actor, Goa

Bio-Hacker & Influencer

Detox Care is part of my daily routine, it has almost become a “Health ritual”, It keeps me energized and lively all day long... everyone should have it!

Dr Varsha , pune

Functional Medicine & Metal Toxicology

This Blizz Far Infrared Sauna is literally like a gift from the Gods! My experience has been amazing, improved sleep, less aches & pains, post swimming muscle recovery & further relaxation with very deep sleep the kind that heals & repairs. I'm glad & grateful I invested in this, Thank you for this amazing unit.

Dr Mili Shah , Mumbai

President Of Ozone Forum Of India

Mental health is being neglected and taken for granted always, Detox Care sauna not only supports your physical well-being but also reduces your stress and keeps you happy and energized.

Manish Jain, Surat

Founder of Cerajivan Healthtech, Colon Hydrotherapy

The combination of Infrared sauna + Colon hydrotherapy is world’s best detox combination for skin detox and internal detox. All commercial centre should install the combination of both for best detox.

Manish Luthra

Scientist, Researcher & Entrepreneur Founder Blizz Infrared Sauna

Mr. Manish Luthra the founder of this company, is a known psychologist & life management expert. He understood the pattern of suffering among the people of all ages. He is also a passionate researcher and scientist and keeps working on the development of various health equipment. He is a visionary and an innovator and has been working in the field of health and wellness for the past two decades. He has developed India's first “Made in India” Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna.

Palak Notes, Jalandhar

Leading Nutraceuticals co. of India

Infrared Saunas are a Game Changer for the health. I am a Nutrition and health coach in germany. I recommend Infrared to all my German clients. I always thought that a comparable German product would never be available in the Indian Market for my parents.

I was planning to export one to India, then i came across " Manish Luthra" After my first phone call with him, I was clear that someone with just a deep knowledge about the right technology is leading this company.

I am a technology and health freak. I had over 100 questions to ask to ensure the health of my family like EMF exposure etc. To my surprise, not only the product but the services met my expectations. Price, delivery, installation, after sales service they score 10/10 in all the parameters.

This is by fat the best people to deal with in India. I wish more people could benefit from this technology in India. This is one time investment but definitely worth it.

Dr. Manik Hiranandani, Kerala

Osteopath, Integrative Medicine

They Supplied a good Sauna & have been prompt in resolving any issues. I find it a useful way to Detox.

Dr. Alok Chopra, Delhi

Chief Cardiologist & Master of reversing Cardio metabolic Disease

Blizz Detox Care Infrared Sauna is a very good device to maintain a healthy lifestyle considering today's unhealthy and busy routine.

Dr. Hasan & Dr Manupriya, Jalandhar

EECP & Heart Detox Experts, Ex-Sr. Researcher AIIMS

Dr. Manish is doing a wonderful work in the field of alternative treatments, the best part of Detox Care Infrared Sauna is that it works as a “Catalyst” and supports the treatment/therapy thus helps cure faster.

Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva , Delhi

Life Style Coach & Alternative Medicine

Imagine a device capable of taking care of overall health of your entire family, Detox Care has filed a vital gap which we were missing from many years in Indian market.

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Individual Testimonials

Purchased from blizz a month ago. I’m not going to go into the benefits of far infrared sauna, you already know if you’re looking to get one. So this review is going to be just about blizz and the quality of the machine and the care that goes into every requirement of a client.

The machine is beautiful and well finished. The sauna experience has been wonderful and exactly as expected from a quality FIR machine. The customer service is impeccable. Any doubts/queries are replied to instantly. Clear communication on every aspect of the purchase from transport to assembly and everything in between and after. Even the technician they send to assemble is very respectful and courteous. Assembly gets over in roughly an hour. This has been a regular part of my health routine since then and I’d wholeheartedly recommend Blizz to anyone reading this.

- Roshan J

The machine is beautiful and well finished. The sauna experience has been wonderful and exactly as expected from a quality FIR machine. The customer service is impeccable. Any doubts/queries are replied to instantly.

- Priyanka Singh

I have recently installed this machine at home. Though it’s been only a week, the results are quite incredible. Am already seeing a much-needed better sleep pattern, less inflammation in the body and clearer skin. It’s already become a part of my morning routine that I combine with my meditation and mindfulness routine. It’s a potent combination and the results amazing. It’s not merely a machine but something that should become a lifestyle change as well. On top of it, incredible support from the team. They are there to help and support you at every step and sharing awareness videos for you to understand how this works at a deeper level. I appreciate that because it’s not only a mere transaction but a network of much needed support beyond sales. It goes to show that Team Blizz goes beyond business. Thank you for everything. The best decision I ever made!

- Archna Singh

I have been using Blizz infrared sauna since months now and I got amazing results for my uncontrolled diabetes. Now my search ends here and it is going to stay with me for lifetime. Best way to burn 🔥 all excess glycogens. Highly recommended All the best blizz 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Tarun Jain

Best sauna available in the market. Been using it for 5 years now and the performance is as good as new. Shifted location twice and the manufacturers provided very good service for both times. Aditya Shetty

I am very happy with the purchase of Infra Red sauna. It has cleared up my skin completely. And has also helped with my anxiety. Me and my husband do sauna very regularly. Super happy!

- Nupur Grover

Super equipment.
Myself Dr Sameer Dodiya from Bhayander Mumbai. I m using FIR SAUNA since last 6 months and I got very good results in case of PCOD , reducing high creatinine in Chronic renal failure patients , reducing sugar levels in diabetes , reducing adverse effects in cancer patient on chemotherapy. I Highly recommend for every clinic.

- Sameer Dodiya

I have been using FIR sauna for last 5 years and I want to tell the whole world that this is a game changer in health n wellbeing. 30 mins of sauna a day is good to go for whole day. You feel light, energetic and charged up. My blood parameters have drastically improved over the years. I recommend this to everyone.

- Rakesh Bhagat

I am into fitness since 2012 and I have used many traditional steam and saunas in my career, recently I opened my fitness club in Mumbai and I installed infrared sauna in my club…… It is amazing - no suffocation, no smoke and the best part is you can sit inside the sauna for 30 to 40 minutes easily….. and MR. MANISH LUTHRA the DIRECTOR of BLIZZ company is amazing person he is very kind and helpful person he knows how to support start up.

- Gagan Mehta

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